Georgia Secretary of State Bars the Only Libertarian Running for State Legislature

Although the Georgia Libertarian Party is ballot-qualified for statewide office, it is not ballot-qualified for district office. This year, the only Libertarian who tried to get on the ballot for a district office, Jeff Amason, managed to collect the signatures of 5% of the registered voters in his State House district. However, his petition has still been rejected, because his wife notarized almost all the petition sheets, and, unfortunately, she also circulated some of the sheets.

Georgia is the only state that requires each petition sheet to be notarized, and also says that a notary who circulated even one sheet is then unable to do any notarization work whatsoever for the petition. Amason’s wife did not, of course, notarize her own sheets, but that is irrelevant to Georgia. See this story.


Georgia Secretary of State Bars the Only Libertarian Running for State Legislature — No Comments

  1. Geez…the Democrats and Republicans are being more viciously anti-voter choice than usual this year. Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, almost everywhere there aren’t any already established/ballot qualified third parties.
    It’s so bad here in Illinois that I’m paying closer attention to the NY governor’s race than my own state’s, because Howie Hawkins looks like he might be able to do at least as well as Rich Whitney did in 2006. At least we still have Paula and Wade, assuming Darth Madigan doesn’t invent something corrupt to change that.

  2. ^Georgia has always been anti-voter every petition attempt they pull some stunt like this. I did a lot of petitioning for Jeff we had to get 1650 sigs wound up with over 2700…

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