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Georgia Libertarian Legislative Candidate Files Ballot Access Lawsuit

On July 28, Jeff Amason, the only Libertarian who petitioned to be on the ballot this year for the Georgia legislature, filed a lawsuit in state court to gain a place on the ballot. Even though he successfully obtained the signatures of 5% of the number of registered voters, he is still being kept off the ballot because his wife notarized most of his petition sheets, and she herself circulated a few sheets, although she did not notarize the sheets she circulated. Amason’s campaign is incorporated, and his wife is an officer of that corporation. Georgia law says a corporate officer can notarize documents involving the corporation. The lawsuit is Amason v Kemp, in Superior Court in Fulton County.

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  1. Lewis

    This shows how corrupt our system is. We need to take our country back. In order to do so we have to work at the local level and we need to penalize those who try to restrain our liberty with unlawful, dirty tricks.

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