Wisconsin Green Party Candidate for Treasurer at 12% in Gravis Poll

On August 4, Gravis Polls released Wisconsin poll results. The only minor party or independent candidate included in any of the Wisconsin polls is the State Treasurer’s race. The results: Republican Randy Melchert 39%, Democrat Dave Leeper 31%, Green Party nominee Ron Hardy 12%, undecided or other 18%. See here.

There are also Libertarian and Constitution Party nominees for that office. The pollsters probably decided to include Hardy because he is a Winnebago County Supervisor. He was elected in 2012 and has already been re-elected in 2014. The office is non-partisan. Thanks to Michael for the link.


Wisconsin Green Party Candidate for Treasurer at 12% in Gravis Poll — No Comments

  1. I just called to inquire why the Libertarian candidates weren’t included. I was told they typically lean towards including us, have done so in other states, and that they’ll get back to me about it. Hardy is the only Green running this year in Wisconsin, the Con. Party has two candidates. The Libertarian Party is running a dozen, including a full statewide slate and a candidate for Governor and myself for Secretary of State.

    -Andy Craig

  2. Also, the “elected official” part doesn’t explain it, because the Libertarian candidate Jerry Shidell is the former Mayor of Rhinelander, Wis.

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