Kentucky Libertarian Party Completes U.S. Senate Petition

The Kentucky Libertarian Party has completed its petition for U.S. Senate. The nominee, David Patterson, has 9,000 signatures. The party has already checked the validity of its own petition and finds more than 6,000 names are valid. The requirement is 5,000.

This is the first time a minor party or independent candidate has qualified for a U.S. Senate election in Kentucky since 1998, when the Reform Party, which was ballot-qualified that year and didn’t need a petition for any of its nominees, ran Charles Arbegust. Arbegust’s vote total, 12,546, was not especially impressive, but it did prevent anyone from receiving a majority of the vote. In that 1998 election, Republican Jim Bunning won with 569,817 votes, and the Democratic nominee, Scotty Baesler, received 563,051.


Kentucky Libertarian Party Completes U.S. Senate Petition — No Comments

  1. Oh no! This could cost Mitch his destiny! He could have been the boss but now… how sad. πŸ™‚

  2. Though I am not a member of the Libertarian Party, my hat is off to you for getting on the ballot. Now the folks of Kentucky will have a 3rd choice – something the people in Alabama may never have.

  3. Bravo LPKY!

    This was due in large part to Kentucky State Chair Ken Moellman, who has worked tirelessly for the last two months to obtain sufficient funding to pay for the petition drive to get Patterson on the ballot.

    While this race won’t qualify for ballot access, it is important as it pits a Libertarian against Republican statist Mitch McConnell.

    How nice for the voters of Kentucky to have a real Libertarian on the ballot! πŸ™‚

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