Opponents of Oregon Top-Two Initiative Set Up Webpage

Opponents of Oregon’s Measure 90, the top-two system initiative, have established this web page.

This newspaper story says that former New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg will probably contribute a substantial sum of money to assist the campaign in favor of the top-two system. The story mentions that Bloomberg’s emissary to Oregon for this purpose was Bradley Tusk. Tusk formerly worked for U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, who had an op-ed praising top-two systems in the New York Times last month.

Blue Oregon has this commentary on Measure 90, by Carla Hanson. Thanks to Blair Bobier for the link to the story about Mayor Bloomberg.


Opponents of Oregon Top-Two Initiative Set Up Webpage — No Comments

  1. As a big-money entrenched incumbent Sen Schumer must really be annoyed by legal partisan fusion that exists in NY; He’d really prefer a system where all skids are greased and there are no surprises. Voter turnout is something academics can fuss on about.

    I’m trying to understand the mindset that has it that minor parties are just too big and consequential. Yeah, in that worldview, top-two is just the ticket.

  2. The top 2 stuff is just one more distraction from the minority rule gerrymanders in ALL 50 State regimes and the USA regime.

    NO primaries.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  3. The supporters of the web page are all labor unions, political parties, or legislators.

    Will the teachers union use a smear mailer like they did last time?

  4. Jim, how do you know who the supporters of the web page are? I don’t see anything on the web page that gives that information.

    What is your definition of “smear”?

  5. I’m very dissapointed in Michael Bloomberg. Does he not remember it took the Independence Party vote (some 13%) to give him the votes for victory in his last mayoral election?

  6. I have a problem with these top-two ballot measures for they would more than likely freeze out independents and members of alternative political parties.

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