Virginia Sets Special U.S. House Election

On August 5, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe set a special U.S. House election for November 4, for the Seventh District. It will be interesting to see what rules the Virginia State Board of Elections sets out for petitioning candidates. Under a Fourth Circuit precedent from 1981, Mathers v Morris, states must ease ballot access rules in special elections, because the petitioning time is so much shorter.


Virginia Sets Special U.S. House Election — No Comments

  1. How many MORON States do NOT have proportional petition math for special elections ???
    — USA Reps, USA Senators and State/Local officers ???
    Legislative bodies – have candidate/incumbent rank order lists for replacements.

    Fill executive/judicial offices until next regular election.

  2. Yes, it will be interesting to see how they set the rules. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on any breaks for a 3rd party candidate or an Independent that might desire to run.

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