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Pennsylvania Won’t Ask for Rehearing in Constitution Party v Aichele

Pennsylvania has decided not to ask the Third Circuit to re-hear Constitution Party v Aichele, 13-1952. This is the decision that said minor parties do have standing to argue that the challenge-court costs system violates the U.S. Constitution. On July 23, the state had told the Third Circuit that it might file for re-hearing and it wanted a time extension until August 6. The extension was granted, but then the state didn’t use it.

Meanwhile, in the other Pennsylvania minor party ballot access case, Green Party v Aichele, a trial date will be set on August 13. This is the case that challenges these laws: (1) each petition sheet must keep residents of different counties separate; (2) no one can sign except registered voters; (3) notarization of each sheet; (4) the ban on out-of-state circulators. The judge in this case has already enjoined the ban on out-of-state circulators, but so far has refused to enjoin the other problems. The trial is needed to determine the constitutionality of each of these restrictions.

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  1. Doug McNeil

    In Maryland we won on the “wrong county sheet” issue (GP point #1). Nader v. State Board of Elections, 399 Md. 681 (2007).

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