Turkey Presidential Election to be Held August 10

Turkey holds its first presidential election on August 10. In the past, the voters elected a Parliament and the Parliament chose the President. See this wikipedia article. There are three candidates on the ballot. If no one gets 50%, there will be a run-off on August 24. The system is very similar to the type of presidential election France uses. The first round is an election, and polls suggest one candidate will win outright on August 10.


Turkey Presidential Election to be Held August 10 — No Comments

  1. The article listed one of the candidats as an Independent even though he is backed as a coalition candidate of two other parties. A good lesson could be learned from this by 3rd parties in the U.S. Why can’t some of our parties join together and unite behind a single candidate – perhaps for President – and then allow them to run their own candidates for the other offices. But I’m not holding my breath.

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