Kentucky U.S. Senate Poll

On August 12, Public Policy Polling released a poll for the U.S. Senate race in Kentucky. The results: Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell 44%; Democrat Alison Grimes 40%; Libertarian David Patterson 7%; undecided 9%. See the poll here; question four has the Senate race.

Question five asks Patterson voters whom they would vote for if they weren’t voting for Patterson. The results show that voters who wish to vote Libertarian are almost evenly divided between McConnell and Grimes.

No minor party or independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Kentucky has ever received as much as 5%. The best showing for U.S. Senate candidates in Kentucky who weren’t major party nominees came in 1914, a year when Kentucky was having elections for both its Senate seats. Progressive Party nominee Burton Vance in the regular election received 4.15; Progressive Party nominee George Nicholas in the special election received 4.14%. Thanks to PoliticalWire for the link.

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