Constitution Party Submits First Statewide Alaska Petition Since 2000

August 19 is the deadline for Alaska independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, to submit petitions. The Constitution Party is submitting approximately 4,400 for Governor and 4,300 for Lieutenant Governor. The requirement is 2,975. Assuming these petitions succeed, the Constitution Party will be on the statewide ballot for the first time in Alaska since 2000, when it petitioned for President.

In 2004 and 2008 the Constitution Party didn’t need to petition for President, because the Alaskan Independence Party, which has been ballot-qualified since 1983, nominated the Constitution Party’s presidential ticket. The Alaskan Independence Party did not do that for the Constitution Party in 2012, however.

The Constitution Party’s gubernatorial nominee is J. R. Myers. If he polls as much as 3%, the Constitution Party will be ballot-qualified for the first time.


Constitution Party Submits First Statewide Alaska Petition Since 2000 — No Comments

  1. Can anyone tell me why J.R. Myers left the Alaskan Independence Party? I’ve attempted to contact him by email but he doesn’t answer. I’m sure he has a good reason, but the AIP is so established that he is only going to divide the so-called “conservative and constitutionalist” vote as the AIP did nominate via the Open Primary a Vic Koring who is a former Alaskan State Representative. Of course the Libertarian nominee isn’t going to help the matter either. There’s only so much anti-two party vote out there and I would hope one day we all – Independents and 3rd Partisans – would realize this. Until we do, the major parties are going to continually marginalize us – unless someone comes along like the Independent candidate for Governor of Alaska – Bill Walker – who appears to have a well-organized and professional campaign. How much money he has to spend, won can only guess. But as I’ve said in times past, we “Independents and 3rd partisans are our own worst enemy.”

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