Washington Post Story Lists Instances of One Major Party Trying to Influence the Outcome of the Primary of the Other Major Party

Philip Bump has this list of instances when one major party, or its adherents, tried to determine the nominee of the other major party, via advertising. The examples cover the last twelve years, and are mostly gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races. Bump also includes one U.S. House race, and one presidential race, the Democratic contest in 2004. There are many other recent examples involving state legislative races and U.S. House races, especially in California and Washington. Thanks to Rick Hasen for the link.


Washington Post Story Lists Instances of One Major Party Trying to Influence the Outcome of the Primary of the Other Major Party — 2 Comments

    From: Secretary James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    Subject: 17th Prime Minister Ron Gold [Republican] Elected 8/20/2014
    * * *

    1. 17th Prime Minister Ron Gold [Republican] Elected 8/20/2014
    2. California Super-state Parliament (ss11)
    3. New England Super-state Parliament (ss1)
    * * *

    1. 17th Prime Minister Ron Gold [Republican] Elected 8/20/2014
    By James Ogle

    Candidate for California’s State Attorney General Ron Gold
    [Republican] was elected today as the 17th Prime Minister
    of the California Super-state Parliament.

    Ron Gold accepted the nomination, voted for his own name #2
    via telephone giving him the 3rd of four votes needed
    and then stated “I need to be Prime Minister of California”.

    He also voted for Green Conlon [Republican] candidate for
    State Treasurer as #1 and Conlon declined.

    Ron Gold and California Parliament Secretary James Ogle
    discussed plans for supporting the Green Party of California’s
    spokesperson Mike Feinstein [Green] for city council in
    Santa Monica this November, establishing Worldwide recycling
    cooperative programs between Los Angeles Green and Republican
    Party organizers and also for doing something to support
    Green Party elected leader Laura Wells [Green] of Oakland.

    James Ogle writes; “We need to open dialog between the candidates
    for State Office Ron Gold for Attorney General and Greg Conlon
    for State Treasurer and let the Green, Libertarian, Peace & Freedom,
    American Independent, Democratic Parties and ALL independents
    know that Ron Gold and Greg Conlon’s platforms to end corruption
    and lower income taxes is good for ALL of California.

    To that end we’ve established a political “Mock Unity Coalition”,
    with Ron Gold and Gary Conlon, where all voters’ issues can be
    brought to the table on a direct democracy (DD) vote.

    State candidate for Treasurer Greg Conlong declined when offered
    Prime Minister of California but he is still working with the
    California Super-state Parliament. When asked about whether
    Charlie Munger was going to support the Mock Unity Coalition
    Conlon replied to James Ogle; “Charlie Munger HAS been THE biggest
    supporter of the Republican Party of California in the past”.
    * * *

    2. California Super-state Parliament (ss11)

    17th California Prime Minister Ron Gold [Republican] elected on 8/20/2014
    * * *

    3. New England Super-state Parliament (ss1)

    Joe Cummings [Info. Not Avail.] self appointed on 8/15/2014
    * * *

  2. One more story about why all primaries should be wiped out.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

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