Zephyr Teachout Wins Again on Ballot Access

On August 20, a mid-level state court in New York agreed with the trial court that Zephyr Teachout should remain on the New York Democratic primary ballot. See this story. The issue was whether she has been a New York resident for the past five years. Thanks to Blair Bobier for the link.


Zephyr Teachout Wins Again on Ballot Access — No Comments

  1. It is getting bad when even the major parties attempt to disqualify someone running in their own primary. I could understand the Cuomo forces (though not agree with it) if this Ms Teachout were a “right-winger” or Tea Party type. But she probably is as liberal if not more so than Governor Cuomo. If you are not part of the establishment you are a “non-person” in the minds of some of these would-be dictators within the major parties.

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