Kentucky Republican Party Wants Libertarian U.S. Senate Signatures to be Checked Again

According to this story, the chair of the Kentucky Republican Party wants each signature on the U.S. Senate Libertarian petition re-checked. The Libertarian Party already checked the status of each signature it collected.


Kentucky Republican Party Wants Libertarian U.S. Senate Signatures to be Checked Again — 4 Comments

    From: Secretary James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    Subject: Democratic, Libertarian & Republicans United
    * * *

    1. 17th & 18th California Prime Ministers United
    2. California Super-state Parliament (ss11)
    3. New England Super-state Parliament (ss1)
    4. How Google Got Its Name From the USA Parliament
    * * *

    1. 17th & 18th California Prime Ministers United
    By James Ogle

    Two candidates who campaigned on a “Mock Unity Coalition” for California State Office in 2014 have been re-united in the virtual California Super-state Parliament.

    Former California Attorney General Office employee Ron Gold [Republican], who won the June 3rd primary, and holder of a Computer Science Degree, PhD Jeffrey Drobman [Democratic], who had campaigned for internet voting but who had lost in the same June 3rd primary, are again united as two of three Prime Ministers in the 7th California Super-state Parliament’s executive.

    Both are elected Prime Ministers along with former 2012 US Presidential candidate, Libertarian and 16th Prime Minister Miss Joy Waymire; as the three California Prime Ministers.

    Secretaries Jim Doyle [Republican] and James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] were instrumental in uniting the three.

    James Ogle notes; “That these three had done so much for unity and pure proportional representation over the years, it’s only fitting that we unite the Libertarian, Republican and Democratic as a team once again. We look forward to seeing the development of a new Cabinet with this extraordinary coalition of the Mock Unity team.

    Candidate for California’s State Attorney General Ron Gold
    [Republican] was elected on August 20th, 2014 as the 17th Prime Minister and a former candidate for California Secretary of State eliminated in the June 3rd California State primary, Jeffrey Drobman [Democratic], was elected 18th Prime Minister of the California Super-state Parliament on August 28th. Joy Waymire had been a prime minister since 4/6/2014 and had won two counties in a presidential primary in 2012 as a Libertarian.

    Ron Gold accepted the nomination, voted for his own name #2
    via telephone giving him the 3rd of four votes needed
    and then stated “I need to be Prime Minister of California”.

    He also voted for Green Conlon [Republican] candidate for
    State Treasurer as #1 and Conlon declined.

    Ron Gold and California Parliament Secretary James Ogle
    discussed plans for supporting the Green Party of California’s
    spokesperson Mike Feinstein [Green] for city council in
    Santa Monica this November, establishing Worldwide recycling
    cooperative programs between the Los Angeles Green and Republican Party organizers and had also discussed their support
    Green Party elected leader Laura Wells [Green] of Oakland.

    James Ogle writes; “We need to open more dialog between the candidates for State Office Ron Gold for Attorney General and Greg Conlon for State Treasurer and let the Green, Libertarian, Peace & Freedom, American Independent, Democratic Parties and ALL independents know that Republicans Ron Gold and Greg Conlon have excellent platforms to end corruption and to lower income taxes for ALL of California.

    To that end we’ve established a political “Mock Unity Coalition”,
    with Ron Gold and Greg Conlon, where all voters’ issues can be
    brought to the table on a direct democracy (DD) vote.

    State candidate for Treasurer Greg Conlon declined when offered
    Prime Minister of California but he is still working with the
    California Super-state Parliament. When asked about whether
    Charlie Munger was going to support the Mock Unity Coalition
    Conlon replied to James Ogle; “Charlie Munger is THE biggest supporter of the Republican Party of California”.

    18th Prime Minister Jeffrey Drobman [Democratic] is a former candidate for California Secretary of State who was working as a United Coalition with ten State-wide candidates (including four Gubernatorial candidates) has remained active beyond the June 3rd primary when his name was eliminated along with the eight other Unity Candidates.
    * * *

    2. California Super-state Parliament (ss11)

    17th California Prime Minister Ron Gold [Republican] elected on 8/20/2014

    18th California Prime Minister Jeff Drobman [Democratic] elected on 8/28/2014
    * * *

    3. New England Super-state Parliament (ss1)

    Joe Cummings [Info. Not Avail.] self appointed on 8/15/2014
    * * *

    4. How Google Got Its Name From the USA Parliament

    By James O. Ogle

    The founder of Google Inc. named Sergie Brin, was a student at Stanford University in 1997 who had designed a search engine program.

    Sergie Brin was trying to sell his program so he could become successful, he was having trouble and he was unsure how to do that.

    Until he discovered the virtual USA Parliament.

    I am James Orlando Ogle, who started the USA Parliament in 1995 after running for Governor of California as a member of the Green Party in 1994 on a platform of state voting reform through pure proportional representation (PR).

    I had been debating computer scientists and programmers in Usenet between 1992 and 1995 when I founded the USA Parliament and we were three years old when the founding of the company Google Inc. took place.

    I’m not a programmer, I’m an artist so I was unique in Usenet, which was like a worldwide chat room where each “newsgroup” was named for the particular subject in the chat such as the one I would post which was then named alt.politics.elections.

    I was living in Monterey in 1997 when Sergie Brin and Larry Paige were at Stanford.

    Monterey California is a short 2 hour drive south of Mountain View where Stanford University is located.

    I was a Director at the Monterey “Art & Jazz Studios on the Row” where we featured poetry, art and jazz.

    The non-profit art business had a multi-colored logo which I made from a light box and different colored theater gels behind each letter, which hung in the window of our studios overlooking Cannery Row, Monetery California.

    It was October 1997 when Sergie Brin was surfing the internet looking for activity and he picked up my activity in Usenet about the virtual USA Parliament.

    Back then if someone posted a message in Usenet and no one responded, then that message was considered boring. So since my comment thread had been going for three years by that time (1995 to 1997), that was considered an interesting and successful conversation thread which would command interest in such a phenomena.

    Sergie Brin was looking for the “juice”.

    That juice was an ongoing three-year conversation about pure proportional representation, a fizzling and sizzling ball of activity which could not, and still cannot, be stopped.

    Sergie Brin joined the conversation and typed a question and asked;

    “What is a joogle?”

    (My email address was derived from my artistic logo, my initials, so Brin was asking about my email address.)

    A reply by a friend was;

    “I don’t know what a joogle is, but a google is a number”.

    A week later in Ocober of 1997 Sergie Brin returned to the same conversation thread and posted an announcement that he had named his search engine program google (misspelling the number googol) and he invited everyone to come try it out.

    Everyone responded with comments about how they tried it and liked it.

    But Sergie Brin either doesn’t want you to know how he got that idea for the name of his search engine from my logo, or else he forgot.

    He had later said that the name google was voted on. I find that very hard to believe considering the short period between asking about my logo and the announcement of his new brand which he had derived from my name.

    At that time, Prime Minister Igor Chodov [Libertarian], a Russian computer scientist, and I, were helping Sergie Brin with his project, a search engine formerly named Backrub.

    Yet, a few weeks after he had registered the name to start the new search engine site, he directed all search traffic about proportional representation away from the site because one of my political opponents, Cameron Spitzer, owner of, had emailed him a request to do that and he happily complied.

    I saw Cameron Spitzer post a message in the newsgroup to that effect.

    Here is an early post I made in Usenet about pure proportional representation in 1994 shortly after my run for Governor of California when I was on the ballot to promote state voting reform through pure proportional representation which started that thread:!searchin/alt.politics.reform/james$20ogle|sort:relevance/alt.politics.reform/P1LliQ2oeTA/_PLiYuOq3DcJ

    Notice how the email address is censored, probably because Google Inc. had bought the usenet called DejaNews (in 1999?) and their programmers had gone in and deleted many parts of the original conversation.

    Most of the conversations I’ve written about here have probably been deleted by Google Inc., maybe they exist somewhere else, but there are plenty of people who are still around who can vouch the truth of my version of the facts.

    Since it’s Google Inc.’s ten-year anniversary I thought I’d email everyone and remind them how MY personal logo inspired a multi-billion dollar gateway (but I’m still a loser). 😉

    I had filed to run for President in 1996:

    The domain was registered in October 1997.

    Now I’m running for President in 2016 and my campaign slogan logo is “Go Ogle/Your name 2016”:
    * * *

  2. This comment has absolutely nothing to do with the story to which it was posted. Further, it is entirely TOO LONG. Richard – you should prohibit or take down such comments. They infringe upon the time of your readers who click to see a comment to a posting and then come across this stuff!

  3. Of course the Republican Party looked at the signatures. When there was a Libertarian candidate for State Treasurer, the RPK disallowed anyone from participating in Republican activities if they signed the petition to allow the Libertarian on the ballot.
    I fully expect the same thing to happen this time. Perhaps this is the Republican Party’s attempt to get the Secretary of State to waste her time doing something besides campaigning.

    Note: I agree that posts not related to the topic, especially those dealing with fictitious legislative bodies, should be removed.

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