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Kentucky Libertarian Nominee for County Clerk Wins Residency Lawsuit, Will Remain on Ballot

Published on August 30, 2014, by in Uncategorized.

On August 29, a trial state court in Kentucky ruled that Christopher Robinson should remain on the ballot as the Libertarian nominee for County Clerk of Kenton County. His ballot status had been challenged by the incumbent Republican, Gabrielle Summe, who is the only other candidate running. She hired a private detective to gather evidence that Robinson hasn’t lived in Kentucky for two years, which the law requires. The judge determined that Robinson has lived in Kentucky for two years. See this story.

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  1. Alabama Independent Alabama Independent

    I’m not a Libetarian, but I hope Robinson wins. And he has a chance if he will only campaign on how this Republican, Gabrielle Summe,tried to keep him off the ballot. But if he tries the ram the Libetarian doctrine down the throats of the voters, they will not vote for him any more that if she had not challenged his residency. This is a good issue and I hope Robinson has the good political sense to capitalize on it.

  2. Alabama Independent Alabama Independent

    Sorry for my misspelling of “Libertarian.” I’ve been away all week, and one can see just what time I am checking up on my email.

  3. David

    Would Robinson also receive courts costs from the Republican?

  4. In a case like this, court costs (as opposed to attorneys fees) are trivial…just a court filing fee, probably. Possibly depositions, but probably not.

  5. Republicrats don’t pay no stinkin court cost’s. That’s only for “3rd” parties.

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