Alaska Democratic Party Will Back Independent Gubernatorial Candidate

On September 1, the Alaska Democratic Party central committee voted 89-2 to withdraw its gubernatorial nominee, Byron Mallott. Instead the party is endorsing independent candidate Bill Walker. Alaska elects Governor and Lieutenant Governor on a joint ticket. Walker’s new running mate is Mallott. Mallott will remain a registered independent. Walker has changed his registration from Republican to independent. Thanks to William Stevenson for this news.


Alaska Democratic Party Will Back Independent Gubernatorial Candidate — 14 Comments

  1. This sounds like Americans Elect at the state level. Intriguing.

    I’ve already made a donation to their campaign.

    Hope they win their election and this gets good press nationwide on what independent mindedness can achieve.

  2. I wouldn’t doubt that Governor Parnell has diarrhea this morning after learning this news – and I’m not talking about the oral type. Independent Bill Walker appears to have the ability to finance his candidacy and with the former Democratic nominee as his running mate and the Democratic Party appearing to be totally blessing this political marriage, this will be one closely watched race up until Election Day.

  3. Those in the know may have the answer, but kinda wondered why the Walker-Mallot ticket did not ask the Alaskan Independence Party for their label to run under? AIP does not have a gubernatorial nominee, but does have for its U.S. Senatorial nominee a guy who served time in prison. Is it this type of baggage that made them go straight “Independent” rather than be connected to the AIP? Might be for the better anyway, as last time I checked the AIP website has not been updated for at least 2 years and makes no mention of it’s senatorial nominee. This is certainly not the way to build a 3rd party. But someone may know more about the AIP that explains their appearance of doing nothing. Would love to know why they are so non-active.

  4. Independents and 3rd Party partisans should not get too excited by this development. It has the color of a major party co-opting an opposition group. There was once a very strong Farmer-Labor Party in Minnesota but the Democrats co-opted it and now we have there the “Democratic Farmer Labor Party.”

  5. At least the “Farmer-Labor” name lives on, even though most history books and the media overlook that official part of the name. I’m sure the DFL in Minnesota is standing for the principles that the old Farmer-Labor Party stood far. Don’t know if they have party registration in Minnesota, but maybe Richard can tell us. If someone is registered simply as “Farmer-Labor” allowed to enter and participate in the DFL Primary? Or is the “Farmer-Labor” name incorporated into the DFL, that no one can use it as a party name or even just to register as a voter.

    The major parties fear the power of the Independent label. I believe that some 35-40 of the electorate consider themselves “independents” or “Independent” as I do. The day will come when the word “Independent” will not longer allowed to be used as a ballot label or a registration

  6. Between this and the Kansas Senate race, I’m starting to wonder if we might actually see a few surprising independent victories come November.

  7. I think the best chance for an Independent victory is the Alaskan gubernatorial election. As all probably know by now, the Democrats convinced their nominee to withdraw and become the Lt. Governor running mate for Independent Bill Walker. It depends on how much money Walker can raise and how strong the Democrats of Alaska support the ticket. It’s my understanding that GOP Governor Parnell is not very popular. It could be a close election either way.

  8. Let me correct part of my last reply. I think it was Independent Walker who convinced Democrat Mallott to withdraw and become his running mate. We do know the State Democratic Committee has overwhelmingly endorsed this Independent ticket. If I lived in Alaska, I might vote for the Walker-Mallott ticket – it would hinge on where they stand on certain issues.

    SEPTEMBER 4, 2014

    In a statement to the press Alaska Constitution Party (ACP) founder and 2014 gubernatorial candidate J.R. Myers commented on the Walker- Mallott merger. “The people of Alaska have just had a huge bait and switch pulled on them. Ambitious egos have corrupted the Alaska political system in a desperate attempt to get elected. We have just witnessed a cynical manipulation of our electoral system which in essence has disenfranchised thousands of Alaskans.”

    For the first time in Alaska’s history, the Constitution Party will have candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor on the November 4 ballot. In the same year the Democrats won’t have candidates in the race. In an unprecedented move, Alaska Democratic candidates, chosen in a publicly financed primary election just a couple weeks ago, have resigned.

    “Switching the candidates after a primary and a signature gathering campaign, does not honor the party members who voted in the primary and does not honor grassroots Alaskans who signed the Walker/Fleener petitions, said Maria Rensel, ACP candidate for Lt. Governor. “They are really taking their supporters for granted.”

    The Democrat’s central committee voted 89-2 to endorse what they’re calling the ‘fusion’ or ‘unity’ ticket. In a recent interview Walker, who personally opposes abortion, pledged that under his watch he would not allow new restrictions even if it meant vetoing anti-abortion legislation. In order to be endorsed by the Democrats, Walker dropped his Republican registration to become Undeclared.

    The sanctity of human life is the primary motivating force behind the creation of the Alaska Constitution Party. This paramount issue is addressed by the Constitution party in Alaska as well as in every other state and is a guiding principle in the Declaration of Independence.

    “Our unalienable Right to Life was given to us by our Creator, God who made us. It is unacceptable that any of us should sweep this under the rug for political allegiance or political gain. We must not allow governments to deprive any one of us of his natural right to life or we all relinquish this right” Rensel said. “All other rights are meaningless without the right to life.”

  10. “Our unalienable Right to Life was given to us by our Creator, God who made us. It is unacceptable that any of us should sweep this under the rug for political allegiance or political gain. We must not allow governments to deprive any one of us of his natural right to life or we all relinquish this right” Rensel said. “All other rights are meaningless without the right to life.”

    Also, Mr. Myers, don’t forget that most people also support Social Security and Medicare. Just as you correctly mention that “our unalienable Right to Life was given to us by our Creator,God who made us,” the right to life continues after birth and any real Christian society will care about it’s people and will use government to make sure that our economic and medical needs are met until death.

    The problem I find with you CPers, is that you are for the “Right To Life” up until a person is born, but then AFTER they are born, your party doesn’t seem to “give a damn.” This is the hypocrisy of your party and why I and about 98 percent of other Americans do not join with you or vote for you.

  11. Thank you, Mr. Myers for finally having the courage to answer my emails

    You asked, “Why must we turn to government for our answers? The answer is simple. Because the founding fathers established government for the people. Do you not remember the very first words in Peamble of the Constitution which reads; “We,the people…” Not we the businessmen, or we the bankers. But “We the people…” This government was founded for common people who were not necessary born into privilege or fortunate to be born into a wealthy family.

    The federal government has every right that it needs to see that the fundamental needs of the people are met. Not only is this stated in the Peamble of the Constitution, but in Article 1, Section 8, the constitution again reenforces this role with the words”…to provide for the common defence and general welfare of the United States.” Ad who are the United States? Well, its people – not trees,rivers, or land – but people.

    More importantly, the Holy Scriptures (which by the way supercede the Constitution of the United States) tell us in Romans 13-4: “For he [government] is the minister of God to thee for good.”

    So you can argue about the constitutionality of Social Security and Medicare until you are blue in the face, but most Americans support it and will not support a party such as the CP that opposes such.

    Also, why does your party not have any planks dealing with Alcohol, Tobacco, and Gambling? Did you know that these three diseases and scourges upon the people and cause more death, broken homes, and poverty and anything else put together. It has been estimated for every so-called $1 dollar of revenue received by government from Alcohol,Tobacco, and Gambling, that it cost the same governmnet $3 in law enforcement, social services and health care to deal with the problems caused by Alcohol, Tobacco, and Gambling.

    So now I hope you understand why most people – at least 95% of the American voters – will not vote for you or other Constitution Party Candidates. This includes me.

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