New York Now Has Eight Qualified Parties

New York defines a qualified party as a group that polls at least 50,000 votes for Governor. Before the November 2014 election, the qualified parties were: Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Working Families, Independence, and Green.

As a result of the recent election, the two parties organized by major party nominees for Governor, to give themselves another line on the ballot, also each got over 50,000 votes. The six older parties all retained their qualified status. The two new parties are the Women’s Equality Party, which backed Democrat Andrew Cuomo, and the Stop Common Core Party, which backed Republican Rob Astorino. Each of them polled more than 50,000, but not much more.

The Conservative Party got more than 210,000 votes for the Republican nominee, and it will retain the third line on the ballot. The Green Party received more than 165,000 votes for its own nominee, and it will be on the fourth line. The Working Families Party polled over 108,000 and will be on the fifth line. No news story mentions the Independence Party’s vote total, except to say that it polled less than the Working Families Party’s total, but did poll enough votes to retain its qualified status. UPDATE: here are unofficial results from the New York State Board of Elections web page, for Governor only. Thanks to UncoveredPolitics for the link.


New York Now Has Eight Qualified Parties — 7 Comments

  1. The board does have data for other offices. You just have to click on the drop down menu.

  2. during the Gov debate the LPNY candidate appeared to be too accommodating to Cuomo. Not worthy of a protest ballot access vote i.e. not mad as hell

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    Calendar Number: 2012-011142T
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    Defendant Attorney: HAKEEM JEFFRIES – Prose

  4. The Stop Common Core is now about 500 votes short of 50K, with no absentee votes counted. It looks almost certain they will get to 50K but they’re not there yet. Women’s Equality hadn’t officially reached 50K when you posted this but now they have.

  5. Interesting election results. No party for governor received over 50% of the vote.

    And Cuomo didn’t run the strong race I was expecting him to. Is he slipping in New York State?

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