New York Working Families Party Polled its Best Votes Ever in 2014 for All Federal and State Office Except Governor

The New York Working Families Party polled its best percentages ever for federal and state office in November 2014, other than the gubernatorial race. The party polled its highest vote percentages ever for the other statewide offices, Comptroller and Attorney General.

For U.S. House races, its nominees polled 6.12% of the vote in the districts in which the party had nominees. It had nominees in 24 of the 27 districts. All of them were also Democratic Party nominees. Previous Working Families percentages in New York U.S. House races (in which the party had nominees) were: 2000 1.79%; 2002 3.04%; 2004 3.03%; 2006 4.22%; 2008 3.48%; 2010 4.43%; 2012 3.65%.

For State Senate races, WFP nominees polled 5.96% in the districts in which it had nominees. Previous equivalent percentages were: 2000 1.86%; 2002 3.45%; 2004 3.21%; 2006 4.79%; 2008 3.35%; 2010 4.61%; 2012 3.63%.

For Assembly, WFP nominees received 7.24%. Previous showings were: 2000 2.05%; 2002 2.84%; 2004 3.20%; 2006 4.39%; 2008 3.62%; 2010 5.05%; 2012 4.62%.

For the first time in a regularly-scheduled legislative race, the WFP topped 25%. It did that in the 44th Assembly district for its nominee, James Brennan, who was also the Democratic nominee. There was a Republican in this race also. Brennan received 25.12% on the WFP line. The party’s second-best showing in a 2014 legislative race was in the 52nd Assembly district race, where its nominee, Peter Sikora, was not the Democratic Party nominee, but just the WFP nominee. The Republicans also had a nominee in that race. Both the 44th and 52nd Assembly districts are in Brooklyn.

Although the 2014 showing for Governor was lower than the WFP showings of 2006 and 2010, it didn’t decline much. All three years, and always in the party’s history, the WFP gubernatorial nominee has been the person who was also the Democratic nominee. The WFP showings for Governor have been: 1998 1.08%; 2002 1.98%; 2006 3.50% (its best); 2010 3.33%; 2014 3.31%.


New York Working Families Party Polled its Best Votes Ever in 2014 for All Federal and State Office Except Governor — 3 Comments

  1. Howie Hawkins should have been added by the WFP…instead of Cuomo ..he is the true progressive

    support REAL third parties like GREENS!!

  2. The 44th and 52nd Assembly Districts are in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights, two of the most liberal, and most beautiful, neighborhoods in the country. The 52nd AD candidate was the loser in the Democratic primary; for details, see:

    Not one reader of this blog can afford to live in these assembly districts, but it’s nice to know peasants are interested in the doings of their betters.

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