Twenty-Four Presidential Candidates Qualify for Louisiana Presidential Primaries

Filing for the Louisiana presidential primaries closed on Friday, December 4, at 4:30 p.m. Ten Democrats and fourteen Republicans filed. See the list here, via the Secretary of State’s web page. Neither Jim Gilmore nor George Pataki filed.

Candidates get on the ballot by paying a filing fee of $1,125. $750 goes to the government and $375 goes to the state party.

The highest number of candidates in a past Republican presidential primary in Louisiana was 2008, when there were eleven. For the Democrats, the most was in 1992 when there were fifteen.

Although Louisiana has five qualified parties, only qualified parties with 40,000 registered members are entitled to their own presidential primaries.


Twenty-Four Presidential Candidates Qualify for Louisiana Presidential Primaries — 8 Comments

  1. 10 Democrats on a ballot. 14 Republicans on a ballot. So much for ballot access restrictions justified by the supposed “need” to avoid crowded, confusing ballots.

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  3. Primaries are a relatively recent development. The growing popularity of primaries seems to coincide with the decline of third party candidates getting large vote shares nationally in the general election. I’d like to see a chart that shows how third party candidates have performed in general elections on a state by state basis and also how many primary candidates there were each year.

  4. The Kentucky Republican Party has voted to use a caucus, not a primary. However, the party hasn’t yet formally told the Ky. Secretary of State not to hold a primary. It has until Dec. 31, 2015, to do that. Presumably the party is thinking, well, maybe Rand Paul will have dropped out by Dec. 31, 2015, so just in case we won’t file the notice.

    For Idaho the deadline is Dec. 9, Wednesday.

  5. On the GOP side, Gilmore and Pataki are absent, replaced by Tim Cook and Peter Messina. The Democrats have the three you’ve heard of, Steve Burke, Rocky de la Fuente, Henry Hewes, Keith Judd, Michael Steinberg, Willie Wilson and John Wolfe.

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