California Initiative Circulators This Year Getting $3 Per Signature, or More

According to this story, there are so many initiatives circulating in California now that professional petitions are getting $3 per signature, and sometimes even more. One wonders why more people don’t sign up to do this work.


California Initiative Circulators This Year Getting $3 Per Signature, or More — 10 Comments

  1. Richard, Where does one “sign up?” Of course, I don’t live in California, but I can always use some extra cash – Where would a person find out who is hiring petitioners in various places around the country?

  2. Richard, $3 per signature for a statewide petition is not a big deal anymore. Some of the statewide petitions currently circulating in California are paying $4-$5 per signature, and this does not include overrides being paid out on top of this to coordinators.

    This highest paying statewide petitions I ever worked on were as follows:

    1) $10 per signature, plus expenses (motel, round trip flight, and rental car/2010).

    2) $7 per signature, plus some motel money and gas money for travel to state (2006).

    3) $6.50 per signature, plus expenses (round trip travel and motel / 2004).

    You ought to change the headline of this article, because $3 per signature is not a big deal.

  3. There were two statewide petitions in California that went up to $5.50 per signature way back in 2005, but they only went up that high the last 4 or 5 days they were out.

  4. There was recently a statewide initiative petition in Maine that went up to $10 per signature, plus motel, round trip travel, and rental car, but I did not work on it because I was busy with another project which I had committed to finishing.

  5. There were 3 statewide initiative petitions in California that each paid $3.50 per signature back in 2004.

    Also, way back in 1998 in California, they had two statewide initiative petitions that paid $4 per signature each. I did not start petitioning until 2000, but I heard about this from multiple veterans in the petition business.

    Also, I heard that way back in 1996, Ross Perot paid $4 per signature plus expenses to petition circulators.

  6. Is there any coordinators who set up locations for petitioners high traffic areas I have a couple years experience in city county statewide

  7. I would like to get paid for gathering signaturws.. I will be at North County Womwns March Sat 1-20th all day. I am a progressive democrat so only interested in these causes. Thanks Tara Geraci

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