Virginia Says Jill Stein Petition Has Enough Valid Signatures

On Saturday, August 27, the Virginia State Board of Elections checked Jill Stein’s presidential petition, and determined that it has enough valid signatures. Thanks to Rick Lass for this news.


Virginia Says Jill Stein Petition Has Enough Valid Signatures — 6 Comments

  1. According to a prior post, they had completed checking Johnson’s petitions. Did they also complete the verification process for De La Fuente and McMullin?

  2. I suspect that Virginia will be watched closely this election cycle.

    Republicans will probably hope that Jill does well, to help split the progressive leaning vote.

  3. Okay, by my count that puts Jill Stein on the ballots of 39 states with 451 EC votes. The other twelve states (with their 87 EC votes) stand this way:

    2 states (NH, RI) with 11 EC votes

    4 states (KY, ND, RI, WY) with 18 EC votes

    in court:
    2 states (NV, OK) with 13 EC votes

    write-in only:
    3 states (GA, IN, NC) with 42 EC votes

    no presence:
    1 state (SD) with 3 EC votes

    So if all the petitions filed and in process are okay, that would put her on 45 ballots — one more than Ralph Nader in 2000 — though for one fewer EC vote, I think (480 vs 481), if I’ve retraced the allocations for 2000 properly. If she also wins either of the court cases (or both, of course), she’ll be ahead in both categories.

    If she loses both court cases, she’ll tie with Nader on number of states where people can vote for her (47 + DC) — but her three write-in states carry 42 EC votes, ahead of his four (GA, ID, IN, and WY had 32 EC votes in 2000). Voters in three states would miss out on the chance to vote for each of them — but her three (NV, OK, and SD) would have only 16 EC votes while his three (NC, OK, and SD) had 25.

  4. John,

    In terms of what is filed/pending, I think you meant to say CT rather than RI. Everything else you wrote looks accurate.

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