Rocky De La Fuente Sues Alabama to Regain Spot on Ballot

On September 12, independent presidential candidate Rocky De La Fuente sued the Alabama Secretary of State, who had initially put him on the ballot, and who had then removed him after noticing that he had run in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary in Alabama. De La Fuente v Merrill, m.d., 16-cv-755. The case is assigned to U.S. District Court Judge Myron Thompson, a Carter appointee.

Alabama let Lyndon LaRouche run as an independent presidential candidate in 1992, even though LaRouche had run in the 1992 Alabama Democratic presidential primary. The sore loser law has not changed in any material way since then. It has been expanded since then to cover minor parties as well as independents, but that is not relevant to De La Fuente.


Rocky De La Fuente Sues Alabama to Regain Spot on Ballot — 6 Comments

  1. What about New Mexico? I thought Rocky was supposed to be on the ballot in NM too, but although the SOS website has just been updated to include McMullin, they still do not include Rocky as a presidential candidate. On July 6, you reported, Richard, that NM declared the American Delta Party qualified to be on the ballot this year.

  2. Rocky is on the ballot in New Mexico. The Secretary of State’s web page now lists him. I think that was only added on September 13 (today). So check again; I just did.

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