Blog 538 Article on How Evan McMullin Could Win the Presidency — 12 Comments

  1. What’s the lowest share of the National Popular Vote that a candidate has had while winning a state? It looks like McMullin could win Utah despite receiving ~2% of the National Popular Vote.

  2. I think he meant something different, Richard. He meant which candidate has won a state and had the lowest national popular vote. For instance, McMullin could win Utah and end up with less than 1% of the national vote.

  3. Vulpes…. The elections of 1832, 1836 and 1892 would be of interest to you. In 1832 John Boyd of the Populist Party carried South Carolina without receiving any popular votes. In 1836, the Whig Party ran 4 candidates (there was no primary system then.) and Willie Mangum carried South Carolina without a popular vote, and Daniel Webster carried Massachusetts with less than 3% of the popular vote. In 1892, after the implementation of the primary system, James Weaver of the Populist Party carried 5 states with 8.5%.

  4. Unpledged electors supporting Harry Byrd won in Mississippi in 1960, there were slates of unpledged electors supporting Byrd in multiple states, but only in Mississippi did they win the state. Unpledged electors received 0.42% of the popular vote in 1960.

  5. Thanks for the responses. I didn’t realize how chaotic the the elections form the 1800s were.

  6. Who wants CIVIL W-A-R II — other than Stalin/Clinton or Hitler/Trump fans ???

    Abolish the Electoral College NOW.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  7. I am wondering if Evan McMullin in a covert stand-in for Romney. I suspect that if McMullin actually carries Utah, he will urge his electors to switch to Romney, and try to get other Republican electors in other states to do likewise.

  8. If Mcmullin.was president I will pray for the poor and hopeless people in the third world that were victims of both Cia and Us foreign policy since the 60s .The people of Angola Nicaragua and Elsalvador .He would continue the bloody policies .

  9. To bad Eden pastora the Nicaraguan defense minister former contra leader and hero of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua can’t run for president of the United States .He would get my vote .He’s been fighting for freedom in his country since he was a teenager .Many Americans don’t have that type of courage .

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