Michigan Court Sets Sunday Hearing on Recount Lawsuit

A U.S. District Court in Michigan will hear Stein v Thomas, e.d., 2:16cv-14233, at 11 a.m. on Sunday, December 4. This is the case filed by Jill Stein over whether the recount should proceed immediately. It would have been proceeding, but because a challenge to the recount had been filed in state court, it had been delayed.


Michigan Court Sets Sunday Hearing on Recount Lawsuit — 5 Comments

  1. Of LIFE or DEATH interest is the accuracy of optical scanners

    — some MAJOR allegations in the Stein Complaint about such scanners being possibly rigged or inaccurate.

    Where is that TOTAL mobilization of ALL able-bodied adult citizens to COUNT votes on election nights ??? —

    i.e. folks not at EMERGENCY PUBLIC SAFETY work or caring for the young, old or sick

    — i.e. a SHUT DOWN of the economy on election nights —

    merely to have REAL Democracy in the USA.

    How many scanners are used for other stuff ??? — school tests — NATIONAL SECURITY ???

  2. See the ARBITRARY 6 day stuff in 3 U.S. Code Sec. 5 about the alleged *conclusive* stuff about Electoral College votes.

    ONE more SUPER EMERGENCY case to get to the SCOTUS HACKS ???

    The SCOTUS HACKS failed to even think about the UN-constitutionality of such section in the 2000 Bush v. Gore disaster case.

    I.E. the mere USA Const gives the Congress HACKS the power ONLY to declare the election day and the meeting day for the Electoral College HACKS.

    EVERYTHING else is subject to legal action in the courts.

  3. The Fed judge ORDERED the Stein recount to start on Monday at noon.



    ALL of the HACKS will now show up in the Michigan and Fed courts.

    Wake up SCOTUS as in 2000 ??? Stay tuned.

    At stake — P-O-W-E-R for one gang of HACKS or another gang of HACKS.

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