Gubernatorial Totals by Party, 2016

Here are national totals for gubernatorial races, by party, for the November 2016 election:

Republican 9,688,152
Democratic 9,288,358
Libertarian 392,890
Green 69,107
Independent Party of Oregon 47,481
Constitution 23,441
Independent American 15,912
Liberty Union 8,912

Independent candidates got 30,019. UPDATE: totals have been corrected to fix a Delaware error. Thanks to Greg Koza for that.


Gubernatorial Totals by Party, 2016 — 13 Comments

  1. ALL elected executive offices and ALL judges should be NONPARTISAN.

    Approval voting — pending Condorcet Head to Head math.

  2. Demo Rep’s the name.

    Losin’s the game.

    Ballot access, that is.

    I lose every case I file.

    100 percent.

    Then I come on here and call people MORONS.

    That’s pretty much it.

    B v. B.

  3. Demo Rep’s the name.

    Losin’s the game.

    Ballot access, that is.

    I lose every case I file.

    100 percent.

    Then I come on here and call people MORONS.

    That’s pretty much it.

    Brn. V. Bd.

  4. How many ballot access cases has the obsessed Hypocrite and his/her/its other deceptive aliases lost ???

    For non-morons —

    1. Every election is NEW.
    2. Separate is NOT equal. Brown v. Bd of Ed 1954.
    3. EQUAL ballot access tests — Equal as in the EQUAL protection clause in 14th Amdt, Sec. 1.

    Still waiting for A lawyer with SOME brain cells to do the above arguments to SCOTUS — unlike the losing lawyers like Hypocrite.

  5. Whenever I see Demo Rep I just skip to the next post. I have found nothing usefull or interesting by any Demo Rep comment.

    Ballot Access News is too valuable a resource for me to be put off by one lost soul. Ignoring Demo Rep has been a good decision for me.

  6. I hope I can get to that point as well, Robert, but the fact is that I almost always try to understand what is the point of Demo Rep’s rants. I know I should not try to do so, because of that famous saying by Nitzsche, “Battle not with monsters, lest you become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

    Demo Rep: regarding #1, “Every election is NEW.” Boy, what a starburst of a revelation that is.
    Regarding #2 and #3, one does not even have to be a lawyer to know that the original understanding of the Equal Protection Clause was racial equality, which makes the Supreme Court’s decisions in cases such as Brown v. Board of Educ. and Loving v. Virginia completely valid conclusions, fulfilling the intentions of those who adopted the 14th Amendment. But the concept of political equality – equal rights for all political candidates and/or all political parties, large or small — is not at all what was in the minds of the people who adopted the 14th Amendment.

  7. The 6 main ballot access cases in which the MORON lawyers have all screwed up due to the failure to note the 3 points in the Dec 25 post above —

    Williams v. Rhodes, 393 U.S. 23 (1968)

    Jenness v. Fortson, 403 U.S. 431 (1971)

    American Party of Texas v. White, 415 U.S. 767 (1974)

    Munro v. Socialist Workers Party, 479 U.S. 189 (1986)

    Norman v. Reed, 502 U.S. 279 (1992)

    New York State Board of Elections v. Lopez Torres, 552 U.S. 196 (2008)

    A mere 48 years since Williams got screwed up – regardless of the genius morons and juveniles on this list.

    Perhaps M.D. is unaware of 14th Amdt, Sec. 2 ???
    — UNIVERSAL ADULT MALE right to vote. Sorry females until the 19th Amdt in 1920.

    The many MORON lawyers have been unable to even have such Sec. 2 (repeat 2) enforced – esp. in the rotted ex-slave southern States.

  8. Correction – UNIVERSAL ADULT MALE CITIZEN right to vote.

    The 14th Amdt, Sec. 2 language was obviously modified to get 15th Amdt, Sec. 1 — after the close 1868 Prez election of U.S. Grant.

    Elephants left the blacks to rot in the southern States after the 1876 super dubious Prez election.

    Thus paying the price goes on and on — now black ghetto cities / old suburbs vs white outer suburbs / rural.

  9. Robert… I do the same at this point. I think that for the most part the only people that actually read his/her posts are new to the site and haven’t learned to ignore it yet.

  10. For non-morons / non-juveniles –

    The Congress puts out the *Constitution Annotated* which attempts to decipher SCOTUS constitutional law stuff.

    One table has the SCOTUS opinions OVER-ruled by later opinions — second from last on the page.

    I.E. later appointed HACKS sometimes detect that earlier appointed HACKS have screwed up the LAW.

    I.E. NO SCOTUS opinions written in stone

    Some of the election law related cases later OVER-ruled –

    Part 13 pdf

    59. United States v. Classic 313 U.S. 299

    Newberry v. United States 256 U.S. 232

    73. Smith v. Allwright 321 U.S. 649

    Grovey v. Townsend 295 U.S. 45 (1935)

    99. Baker v. Carr 369 U.S. 186, 277, 280

    Colegrove v. Green 328 U.S. 549 (1946)
    (in part)

    * 100. Wesberry v. Sanders 376 U.S. 1

    Colegrove v. Barrett 330 U.S. 804 (1947)

    104. Gray v. Sanders 372 U.S. 368, 383

    Cook v. Fortson 329 U.S. 675 (1946);
    Turman v. Duckworth 329 U.S. 675 (1946);
    South v. Peters 339 U.S. 276 (1950);
    Cox v. Peters 342 U.S. 936 (1952);
    Hartsfield v. Sloan 357 U.S. 916 (1958)

    116. Harper v. Virginia Bd. of Elections
    383 U.S. 663 (1966)

    Breedlove v. Suttles 302 U.S. 277 (1937);
    Butler v. Thompson 341 U.S. 937 (1951)

    130. Moore v. Ogilvie 394 U.S. 814 (1969)

    MacDougall v. Green 335 U.S. 281 (1948)

    231. Citizens United v. FEC 558 U.S. ___,
    No. 08–205, slip op. (2010)

    Austin v. Michigan State Chamber of Commerce
    494 U.S. 652 (1990);
    McConnell v. Federal Election Commission
    540 U.S. 93 (2003).

    Thus – how soon before the current HACKS over-rule ALL ballot access cases going back to Williams v. Rhodes 1968 — regardless of ALL of the genius morons / juveniles on this list — who are brain dead clueless about SCOTUS and constitutional law ???

    i.e. very unfortunate that Williams came just before Moore v. Ogilvie.

  11. Every election is NEW = = = NO automatic ballot access (primary, runoff or general elections) for ANY candidate.

    Something way too difficult for MORON lawyers and SCOTUS folks to understand — besides a number of folks on this list.

  12. Sorry – it is a mere matter of life or death for human folks to get REAL Democracy into ALL nation-State election systems

    — regardless of all monarchs, oligarchs, morons and juveniles, private and public.

    The LUNATIC Trump — due to the EVIL MORON ANTI-Democracy minority rule Electoral College — will have his EVIL official effects starting noon 20 Jan 2017 EST.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

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