Ohio Supreme Court Sets Briefing Schedule for Ohio Libertarian Ballot Access Case

On December 28, the Ohio Supreme Court set out a briefing schedule for State ex rel Fockler v Husted, 2016-1863. The Libertarian brief is due January 3, 2017; the state brief is due January 6; the Libertarian reply is due January 11. The issue is whether the Gary Johnson vote last month created a new ballot-qualified party.


Ohio Supreme Court Sets Briefing Schedule for Ohio Libertarian Ballot Access Case — 7 Comments

  1. Voting for ANY candidate is NOT voting for the *party* of the candidate.

    The ROT began when the State HACKS gave status to the Donkeys, Elephants and any larger parties in the official primary stuff in 1888-1890 — i.e. retroactive grandfathered stuff.

    The SCOTUS HACKS have continued the rot in Williams v. Rhodes 1968 and all later ballot access cases involving partisan offices.

    NO primaries.
    EQUAL nominating petitions.
    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  2. Demo Rep… Can you point to a single country on this planet that has non-partisan elections for all offices? No? That’s because it’s an absolutely retarded idea.

  3. The nonpartisan App.V. stuff is for executive and judicial offices (pending Condorcet math) — to have NONPARTISAN enforcement of the laws —- see the PARTISAN HACKS as Prezs, Guvs, Mayors, Sec of States (i.e. over election laws), etc. — and the even worse PARTISAN HACKS as judges esp. in State supreme courts —

    BUT what New Age folks have even ONE second attention spans any more — see Trump as example ONE ???

    P.R. for parties and legislators in legislative bodies — leftist and rightist parties in *free* legislative bodies since recorded history — Greece, Roman Republic, etc.

    Sorry — can NOT have 100,000 word essays in each post about ALL of the FATAL Anti-Democracy election and non-election defects in the USA and State constitutions in each post.

    Have all the fine students on this list done the ANTI-Democracy gerrymander math of their own State legislatures using the 2013-2016 stats ??? — and in any of the larger cities/counties in their States — and informed the LAZY know-it-all media in their States about such math.

    1/2 or less votes x 1/2 rigged gerrymander districts = 1/4 or less control = OLIGARCHY — in all 50 States and esp. in the gerrymander Congress. Much, much, much worse primary math.

    Thus the shorthand —

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V.

  4. Political parties are essential to the smooth functioning of a free government. That was proven when the non-partisan system envisioned by the Founders collapsed during President Washington’s second term (1793-1797. The system does need to be fairer. Maine’s recently-approved preferential voting system is a good example for the other 49 states to follow, and will result in more 3rd party candidates being elected.

  5. Hmmm. Was George Washington the first and last NONPARTISAN Prez ???

    If a USA citizen could NOT trust G.W. in 1789-1797, then who could be trusted ??? — after his LONG WAR against the rotted tyrant Brit regime from 19 Apr 1775 to the 1783 Peace Treaty.

    Coming — the SUPER-Partisan Tweet Prez with his 4 AM 140 character limit tweets —
    How many media folks are on permanent night owl watch ???

    How many HACK Fed judges will be appointed by the Tweet Prez ??? Stay tuned.

  6. Harold D. Thomas,

    IRV was devised in Australia to keep two parties (Country and Liberal) in power, and to prevent Labor from winning on a plurality. It didn’t quite work that way, but now it serves to keep Labor or Liberal (supported by a few National Party) MPs in power. The Country Party has generally changed its name to National Party, and in some States the Liberal and National parties have merged.

    In the most recent election third party candidates received 23.3% of 1st preferences, and won 3.3% of seats.

  7. IRV ignores most of the data in a place votes table

    34 AMZ
    33 ZMA
    16 MAZ
    16 MZA
    With IRV, M loses. A beats Z 50-49.

    Head to Head-
    M beats A 65-34
    M beats Z 66-33

    i.e. IRV will cause even more extremist stuff due to rigged majority *mandate* stuff.

    P.R. and nonpartisan App.V. – pending head to head math.

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