Arizona Bill Advances, Would Severely Restrict Paid Initiative Petitioners

On February 16, the Arizona House Government committee passed HB 2404, which severely restricts paid initiative circulators. It would require sponsors of initiatives to post a $50,000 bond, if the sponsors are using paid circulators. It would require circulators to register and pay a fee. The bill does not set the fee, but says the Secretary of State would set it. Paid circulators would need to provide a copy of a criminal background check, and take a training class. It would be illegal for circulators to be paid on a per-signature basis.

Laws to outlaw paying on a per signature basis have been struck down in Ohio and Colorado. Also it is likely that requiring a circulator to pay a registration fee violates the First Amendment.

The vote in committee was 5-3. The sponsor is Representative Vincent Leach (R-SaddleBrooke).

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