Definitive Data on 2016 Voter Turnout Released

Nonprofit Vote and the U.S. Elections Project have released a thorough study of 2016 voter turnout. See it here. The 2016 November turnout was 60.2%, which is better than the November 2012 turnout of 58.6, but not as good as the 2008 turnout.

The Report has a great deal of data that shows how characteristics of state election systems relate to turnout. Clearly, the most effective idea for increasing turnout is for states to allow election-day registration. The report also shows that states that provide few choices on the ballot have lower turnout. Thanks to Rick Hasen for the link.


Definitive Data on 2016 Voter Turnout Released — 8 Comments

  1. “The report also shows that states that provide few choices on the ballot have lower turnout” That kind of says it all. I maintain that the best way to increase turnout for legislative elections it to have multi-member districts. That, by itself, gives the voters more choices.

  2. Micheal, it was he presidential election of 1876 that yielded the highest turnout. Don’t have the figures with me, but it near or over 80%.

  3. @Walt I concur with the multi-member statement, but I think moving it to the second (or maybe even third) Saturday in November and making it a national holiday when do even more for turnout.

  4. To expand on Andrew comment above… why not make election day not only a holiday and a week-end day but also in a part of the year when the weather is generally better?

  5. @ Casual Observer: If the election is moved to a month when the weather is nicer, many people will just take it as a holiday.

  6. My own hunch on making election day a holiday is that stores will have Election Day Sales and people will then chose to go bargain shopping instead. And of course retail stores will probably require employees to work that day as well. Then if you try to mandate the closing of businesses for the day you’re going to get a very big backlash from the entire business sector who complain about lost sales, lost productivity, paid days off and will lobby to ensure such law never passes.

    Probably better to have by mail voting and early voting, giving people greater flexibility.

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