Ohio Supreme Court Won’t Rehear Libertarian Party Ballot Access Case

On April 19, the Ohio Supreme Court refused to rehear State ex rel Fockler v Husted, 2016-1863, one of the Libertarian Party’s ballot access cases. This case involved whether the Gary Johnson vote in November 2016 created a new ballot-qualified party. The request for reconsideration had been pending since January 2017.

The court made no comment, except to say the request is denied. The effect of this three-month wait for a response from the court has been very bad for the Ohio Libertarian Party. It made it more difficult for the party to raise the funds to pay for the 2018 petition, because donors were hesitant to donate because there was some hope that the Supreme Court would grant reconsideration. The Libertarian Party, and any other group that wishes to be a qualified party in 2018, needs 54,965 valid signatures by July 2018. The Green Party is already on the ballot for 2018 because it polled more than 2% for Governor in 2014. Libertarians were on the ballot in 2014, but not for Governor.

The Libertarian Party 2018 petition for 2018 does have approximately 20,000 signatures so far. The Libertarian Party also has a case pending in the Ohio State Court of Appeals as to whether the 2013 ballot access law violates the Ohio Constitution. The Ohio Constitution appears to mandate primaries for all parties, but the 2013 law says newly-qualifying parties are not provided with a primary.


Ohio Supreme Court Won’t Rehear Libertarian Party Ballot Access Case — 3 Comments

  1. I can scarcely imagine how infuriating this must be for the participants; I know how I feel about it at distance of 400 miles. I’d love to see somebody like a Rachel Maddow sink some journalistic teeth into this case.

  2. Rachel Maddow? The same Rachel Maddow that at 3:30 am on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 said that Trump would not prevail. What type of credibility does she have?

  3. You guys can get 35,000 signatures in a year. As disappointing as this is, I have faith you’ll get it done, just like you always do! Lace up your boots and get moving!

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