Colorado Bill for Approval Voting Advances

On April 19, the Colorado House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee passed HB 1281. It allows local governments to use approval voting for elections for their own officers. The sponsor of the bill is Representative Jonathan Singer (D-Longmont). Thanks to ElectionLine for this news.


Colorado Bill for Approval Voting Advances — 5 Comments

  1. AMcCarrick,

    It would certainly be better than Plurality.

    1) No voter will ever, _ever_ refuse to vote for his favorite candidate. Ergo candidates with independent/alternative views will get a much more accurate measure of their support. People will vote for them even if they “can’t win”, because they can still cast a vote for someone more “electable”.

    2) People who insist on voting for unelectable candidates can _also_ cast an additional vote for someone electable, so the public won’t have to feel animosity at the traditional “spoilers”.

    3) This will encourage more candidates to run. For instance, Mike Bloomberg didn’t want to run for President last year because he didn’t want to be a spoiler.

  2. Don I’m guessing you meant +1 for Clay’s reply to AMcC’s comment?

    In any case, from me +1000 for Clay’s comment.

    The only way we are going to overcome the corruption and warmongering of the duopoly is to put in place approval voting. Watch out as the 2 parties and their puppet masters fight for their lives to stop this.

    Let us protect the people advancing this from being Cheney’ed (e.g. Paul Wellstone) or Clinton’ed (e.g. Libya, etc.).

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