Read the Transcript in Wilding v Democratic National Committee Oral Argument of April 25

Independent Voters Network has a copy of the transcript in Wilding v Democratic National Committee Services, s.d. Fl., 0:16cv-61511. The oral argument was held for three hours on the afternoon of April 25 before U.S. District Court Judge William Zloch, a Reagan appointee. The Democratic National Committee argued that the case should be dismissed. The case had been filed in June 2016 by supporters of Bernie Sanders. Most of them had donated money to the Democratic Party, and they ask for damages, on the grounds that the party broke its own rules that required the party to be neutral between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

At the end of the transcript, one finds a few brief remarks by Judge Zloch. He said, “This is a very interesting case, to say the least…Democracy demands the truth so people can make intelligent decisions.” Early in the transcript, he also admonished some spectators in the courtroom to stop distracting him. He said they were making exaggerated gestures showing support for the plaintiffs and that they should cease doing that.

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