Constitutional Amendment for Congressional Term Limits Introduced — 5 Comments

  1. Won’t pass, and if it does it won’t effect anything. You’ll just have higher turn over of Republicans and Democrats but the seats will always stay with the same party. Same party, different body…. result in no difference.

  2. I would rather repeal the 22nd Amendment and the provisions of the state constitutions that limit the terms of Governors and state legislators than adopt *more* term limits. I don’t see the advantage in having term limited politicians. Was President F.D. Roosevelt worse during his third term than any President we have ever had? Are the Governors in the states with term limits on the office any better than the Governors where there aren’t term limits?
    Lots of people talk about term limits as if it’s a cure-all, a wonder elixir, but as far as I’m concerned term limits are being “sold” to the people by snake-oil salesmen.

  3. I agree that term limits are a bad idea. An elected official faces a term limit at each election. If incumbents are re-elected ad infinitum it is the will of their constituents. Not a conspiracy of money and backroom deals.

  4. I like the idea of term limits if only because of the example of FDR. He was the closest thing we came to having a king, and only death gave us a new president.

  5. Term limits provides opportunities for more persons to serve. It is similar to how the military handles officer promotion. An officer is expected to promote within a certain period of time, or to separate. If a Lieutenant does not make Captain, he leaves the service, opening up a position for other individuals.

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