At Least Three Members of U.S. House Say They Will Support Statehood for Puerto Rico

According to this story, at least three members of the U.S. House have responded to the June 11 Puerto Rico vote by saying they will work for statehood for Puerto Rico. They are all Democrats: Darren Soto and Stephanie Murphy of Florida, and Jared Huffman of California. Soto is on the Subcommittee that would consider a statehood bill.


At Least Three Members of U.S. House Say They Will Support Statehood for Puerto Rico — 4 Comments

  1. Congress should invite the Puerto Rican government to call a constitutional convention for drafting of a state constitution. If 60% of voters vote in a referendum, with 60% voting in favor, then they could submit it to Congress.

  2. Only 23% voted in the referendum. Opponents of statehood, both those favoring independence, and those favoring the current status, boycotted the election.

  3. Walt,

    The People of a State or a potential State are sovereign. If Puerto Rico wishes to become a State the People need to provide for a state government through a state constitution. This then is then presented to the Congress for approval.

    I realize that there was low turnout for this election, which was little more than an opinion poll. If there is real support for statehood, then it can only be measured with an actual proposed constitution.

  4. Walt is right, about 22% voted for statehood, while 77% boycotted the election. This clearly shows lack of support for statehood, and a win for the independence and status quo parties that promoted the boycott. Congress can do what they want, but it won’t fly in PR. Moreover, the Puerto Rico independence movement seems to be gaining momentum.

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