Libertarian Wins Partisan Race for Mayor of McLain, Mississippi

On June 6, McLain, Mississippi held a partisan election for Mayor. Three candidates were on the ballot, all as independents. Small towns in Mississippi technically have partisan elections, but to avoid the cost and work of a primary, it is common for all candidates to run as independents.

Steve McCluskey, a member of the Libertarian Party, was elected with 66 votes. He defeated incumbent Mayor Clyde Sylvester, who had 31 votes; and also he defeated Tom Roberts, who had 28 votes.

McLain has a population of 441, and is in Greene County, in the most southerly part of Mississippi, on the Alabama border. Thanks to Cody Quirk for this news.


Libertarian Wins Partisan Race for Mayor of McLain, Mississippi — 7 Comments

  1. The headline, while technically true, is misleading. It is almost unheard of for a Libertarian to win with that ballot label, and this is another example of how they only win when they’re party doesn’t appear on the ballot

  2. Greene County is in the 3rd tier of counties north from the Gulf of Mexico, not the most southerly part of Mississippi.

  3. Mississippi has twelve counties that border Alabama. Greene County is one of the three of those southern-most counties.

    The U.S. Postal Service once published a book that lists all post offices in the U.S. It had a separate section in the back, listing each county, arranging all post offices according to what county they are in. And that section, for each county, indicated roughly where each county was, in that state. The Post office book classifies Greene County as being in “Southeast” Mississippi.

  4. @nick – This was a vote of 125 people. While you are correct L has struggled with getting elected with that explicitly next to their name, I’m pretty darn sure all 66 of those votes knew exactly what party he represented 😉

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