New Maine Registration Data

The Maine Secretary of State has released new registration data as of June 2017. The percentages: Democratic 31.89%; Republican 26.92%; Green 4.23%; Libertarian .52%; independent and other 36.43%.

The percentages in November 2016 were: Democratic 32.58%; Republican 26.84%; Green 4.02%; Libertarian .54%; independent and other 36.01%.


New Maine Registration Data — 7 Comments

  1. The Green Party has been listed on the voter registration form since the late 1990’s. Also in Maine its name is the Green Independent Party.

  2. I see, kind of like how a lot of California voters are registered with the American Independent Party?

    Also Greens have done pretty well in Maine; gubernatorial candidates usually do well, and they had an elected state rep. in the mid-2000s.

  3. Yes, And with RCV unusually survives battle from last month. It’s possible this will help to get Green Independents to win a couple districts in future.

  4. @Chad,

    The party will still have to nominate legislators by segregated party primary, and will have difficulty getting petitions signed, since they have to be signed by party members. A petition for state representative only requires 25 signatures, but in a typical district this would require nine percent of party members signing the petition. With problems contacting voters, voters having moved, or not available it probably requires attempting to contact 25% of registrants.

    In 2016 only two legislative candidates qualified. And the general election for the legislature won’t be RCV.

  5. In the past the Maine Green Party has managed to field many legislative candidates. In 2002 it had four on the November ballot for State Senate, and seven for State House, one of which, John Eder, won.

    In 2004 it had two for State Senate and 19 on for House, one of which (Eder) again won.

    In 2006 it had two for State Senate and 8 for House.

    Jim Riley likes to use the word “segregated” to refer to party primaries. I wonder if he would use the term “segregated” to apply to nominating conventions. Did a “segregated” Democratic national convention in 2008 choose Barack Obama?

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