New Hampshire Lawsuit on Release of Voter Information is Settled

On August 7, the New Hampshire Secretary of State said he is only going to send photocopies of completed voter registration forms to the federal advisory commission set up to investigate vote fraud. He will not turn over the state’s computerized list of voters. See this story. Therefore, the plaintiffs have dismissed their lawsuit.


New Hampshire Lawsuit on Release of Voter Information is Settled — 1 Comment

  1. I read it to say that he is going to send PDFs of town voting lists. Towns have officers called the “Supervisors of the Checklist”, which they post on Ye Olde Towne Halle Doores (the sticklists, not the supervisors). Images of those (sticklists, not supervisors) are apparently going to be sent. If I were doing it, I’d simply produce PDF’s using the content, rather than sending scanned photographic images. Larger towns and cities must do that anyhow. You don’t produce lists with 1000s of names and addresses with a quill pen and papyrus.

    I think the ACLU guy thinks they’re going to send blurry images as if they were Alabama officials reporting write-in votes for president.

    When the request for voting rolls was first announced, there were reports of voters in Texas becoming de-registered.

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