American Prospect Lengthy Story on Mountain Party of West Virginia

Parker Richards has written this lengthy article about the Mountain Party, which is the Green Party affiliate in West Virginia. The article says the party is now the strongest state Green Party in the nation.


American Prospect Lengthy Story on Mountain Party of West Virginia — 6 Comments

  1. While I would say the Mountain Party has been one of the strongest state Green Parties over the past decade or so, right up there with those in CA, NY, IL, and Maine, it is not THE strongest. Still, I am glad to see my fellow Greens in West Virginia starting to fill the void that the Democrats have created on the Left there. Someone has to represent the Left, since the Democrats as they are led now no longer want to.

  2. The biggest problem the Greens have is lack of uniformity in branding. You can’t build a uniform cohesive party without a unified brand.

  3. They’re strong because they’re not called the Green Party. People don’t want to vote for the Green Party. People want strength, which Mountains convey.

  4. You mean voters here in the US, Clay. Green Parties in many other countries have representation in their national or provincial/state governments. But still, you do bring up an interesting point.

  5. Aiden, IMO, the problem is huge variation between state parties, and by that, I mean in administration, focus, candidate recruitment, state-level organization, transparency and similar. Some are little better than the British parliamentary rotten and pocket boroughs of 200 years ago.

  6. I really wanted Charlotte Pritt to win last Fall. I believe she would have been an excellent governor.

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