Kansas 16-Year-Old Will Be Able to Be on Ballot to Run for Governor

Jack Bergerson, a sixteen-year-old Kansas high school student, says he intends to file for the 2018 Democratic nomination for Governor.  See this story.  The Kansas Constitution, Article I, section 1, says that Governors must have the qualifications as are provided by statute.  But there are no statutes in Kansas that control eligibility to hold the office of Governor.  Thanks to Ken Bush for the link.


Kansas 16-Year-Old Will Be Able to Be on Ballot to Run for Governor — 4 Comments

  1. One more example of why ALL qualifications for elective offices (and Elector-Voters) MUST be in constitutions —

    IE to NOT have the gerrymander HACK MONSTERS play their nonstop statutory machinations – aka games.

  2. It is likely under general law that a minor is considered incompetent to attest to their candidacy.

    When Louisiana attempted to switch back to October elections for Congress, Louisiana was sued on behalf of the parent of a daughter who would turn 18 between the October primary, and any November runoff. The daughter would have been injured if the election were resolved before the date set by Congress, but she could not protect that interest without her parents.

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