Two Libertarians for Pennsylvania Local Partisan Office Defeat Challenges to their Ballot Status

On August 17, two Libertarian Party candidates for local partisan office in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, won decisions in state court that they should remain on the ballot.

Jennifer Moore, running for Auditor of Upper Providence Township, was originally told that she needed ten signatures, but the elections office made a mistake, and the law requires that she submit forty-six.  Judge Emanuel A. Bertin of the Court of Common Pleas said because she was misinformed by the county elections office, she may have additional time to get the extra signatures.  Her petition is now due September 8.  That case was Vagnozzi v Lambrugo and Moore, 2017-20079.

Marc Bozzacco, running for Abington Township Commissioner, like all candidates for local office, was required to file his Statement of Financial Interests with both the county elections office and the clerk of Abington Township.  Although he filed in both places, his filing with the township office was late.  But Judge Bertin put him on the ballot anyway, because the individual who challenged his candidacy had not written his challenge to show what Bozzacco had done wrong.  That case was Kalinoski v Lambrugo and Bozzacco, 2017-20026.  Thanks to Richard Schwarz for the news.

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