Red Dirt Report Describes Process for Oklahoma Libertarian Party, Deciding Whether to Let Independent Voters Vote in the Libertarian Primary

The Red Dirt Report here describes the process by which the Oklahoma Libertarian Party is deciding whether to let independents vote in the 2018 Libertarian primary. The final decision will be made on October 7.

Back in 2000, the Oklahoma Libertarian Party was also entitled to its own primary, and that year it voted to let all registered voters vote in its primary. However, the State Board of Elections would not permit the party to invite members of other parties to vote in the Libertarian primary. The party sued, and won in the Tenth Circuit. However, then the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the Tenth Circuit, in Clingman v Beaver.


Red Dirt Report Describes Process for Oklahoma Libertarian Party, Deciding Whether to Let Independent Voters Vote in the Libertarian Primary — 6 Comments

  1. Only one system of voting is acceptable and that is pure proportional representation (PR).

    The 7th California Parliament has been using pure proportional representation correctly for more than twenty-two consecutive years and it works fine.

    Nobody has it as good as the United Coalition.

  2. Dear James, can you name even one instance when the existence of the California Parliament has influenced any government in California to consider using the system you advocate? If not, why not?

  3. Richard, the California Parliament is only interested in looking in the mirror to make ourselves better under pure proportional representation.

    To do that we must not worry about things we cannot control while our team builds, thinks and acts as one, by electing our names and decision-items with stacks of ballots as proof.

    Repetition, repetition, repetition …practice, practice, practice … the team, the team, the TEAM.

  4. Now that the United Coalition has been requiring new signups to agree to NAP (non-aggression principle), we don’t need the Libertarian Party anymore as she exists now.

    The United Coalition signup gives voters the liberty to self-categorize, something which the Libertarian Party won’t/can’t allow.

    The United Coalition signup form reads;

    “JOIN the United Coalition for FREE! Worldwide
    * YES, please sign me up as a registered voting member of the new “United Coalition”. To validate my membership, I certify that I oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.”

    The Libertarian Party can continue to attract the regular Candidates who are the worst of the egomaniacs, but they can’t attract team players, they can’t allow all people the liberty to self-categorize and they don’t have equal treatment and teamwork with the 100%, because of their pluralistic voting system.

    Fortunately, the United Coalition is leading the way, and we’ve been leading by example for more than twenty-two consecutive years.

    Nobody has it as good as our team.

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