Joe Scarborough Changes Registration from Republican to Independent

Joe Scarborough has switched his voter registration from Republican to independent. He lives in Connecticut, a state with partisan registration. He had said in July that he would be doing this.

He is an attorney, and was elected to Congress as a Republican from Florida in 1994, 1996, 1998, and 2000. Currently he is a TV anchor on MSNBC. See his wikipedia page here.


Joe Scarborough Changes Registration from Republican to Independent — 12 Comments

  1. Don & Tim,
    So what! Donald J. Trump is nothing but a RINO himself. In past he’s identified himself by registration as Democrat, Reform and independent. The way he is presently attacking several Republican Senators would seem to indicate that he is not really so attached to “Republican principals” (whatever they may be) and
    the Republican Party. Now with the days of conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans long gone, we really do need more independents, Libertarians, Greens, etc..

  2. Yes, Gene, Trump isn’t an Republican. But he has many of the qualities that common folks who are generally conservatives like very much. He thumps the Bible on cue. He’s a nationalist with populist tendencies. He calls DC the Swamp. He professes to dislike war but rattles the saber more than any president in history. More than anything, he’s a chameleon, which scares the bejesus out of the Swamp Critters. Common folks love his rhetoric because they recognize the language as how they think and talk.

    And FWIW, Scarborough is probably changing his registration because Mika told him to.

  3. Jim – So you are saying that anywhere between 35% and 45% of the American electorate are idiots? Your comment reminds me of the famous sentence from Hillary that helped her lose: ” You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.”

    And FWIW, Trump’s ratings are lower than most recent presidents, but only by a few points. You haters need to let the 2016 election go. It happened. Deal with it.

  4. Nov 2016
    Trump- 46 PCT
    NOT Trump- 54 PCT

    One more minority rule PREZ



  5. Don Wills – Yes, 35% of Americans are idiots. Do you know what it has taken, historically, for a President to drop below 40%? 7% + unemployment, 10% + inflation, an unpopular war, or an offense great enough to remove a President from office.

    Trump isn’t dealing with the first three and only idiots would support him through the 4th.

    Obama never went below 40%.

    Bush 2 went below 40% in his final 2 years, when gas prices were out of control, the war in Iraq turned unpopular, and then the economy crashed. He briefly got as low as 25% in late 2008. That is essentially rock bottom.

    Clinton fell below 40% briefly in 1993. Unemployment was still over 7% and I believe that was around the time of his universal health care push.

    Bush 1 fell below 40% in his final year, when unemployment was over 7%.

    Reagan fell below 40% in late 82/early 83, when unemployment was over 10%.

    Carter fell below 40% in 1979 and 1980, when inflation was 10% – 15%.

    Ford fell below 40% from late 1974 into 1975, when unemployment reached as high as 9% and inflation was 10% – 13%.

    Nixon fell below 40% in 1973 and went as low 24% – about as low as it’s possible to get. He was also dealing with 10% inflation at the end.

    Johnson ranged between 37% and 50% from mid 1967 onward, when the Vietnam War began turning unpopular.

    Kennedy never went below 40%.

    Eisenhower never went below 40%.

    Truman went below 40% repeatedly, first in 1946 and 1948, when inflation was between 10% and 24%, then permanently beginning in 1950, because, for a time, inflation again rose above 10% and also the Korean War. Truman has the record for all time low at 22%.

  6. “Do you know what it has taken, historically, for a President to drop below 40%? 7% + unemployment, 10% + inflation, an unpopular war, or an offense great enough to remove a President from office.
    Trump isn’t dealing with the first three…”


  7. I realize that this is Ballot-Access-News. The existence of ballots and voting implies a democracy. Maybe the whole concept is flawed. So I ask this non-rhetorical, serious question:

    Jim – Do you believe that a democracy has any chance of sustainable success when 35% of voters are idiots?

    Recall that many have likened democracy to two wolves and a sheep voting about what’s for dinner. As the founders understood, a pure democracy is just another name for mob rule.

    The followup question then is:

    If democracy is fatally flawed, then does a moderate dictatorship like today’s Russia or China have the best chance for peace and wealth?

  8. Have any of the history MORONS on this list ever heard about the killer monarchs in world history

    — all actual oligarchy regimes of small minorities —-

    Persian Empire (attacks on Greece city states)
    Roman Empire (attacks on many other regimes)
    the many DARK AGE regimes (internal tyranny and many attacks on close regimes – for a mere 1,000 plus years
    the *modern* killer attack regimes in WW I (Central Powers – ie killer Kaiser Bill) and WW II (Axis Powers – ie killers Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito)

    For math MORONS —

    The USA regime and ALL 50 State regimes are minority rule gerrymander oligarchies —

    1/2 or less votes x 1/2 rigged gerrymander areas = 1/4 or less control.

    Much, much worse primary math.

    All tending towards killer Prezs and Guvs.
    NO primaries / conventions.

    PR and nonpartisan AppV.

  9. Don Wills – Is democracy sustainable in perpetuity? No. Could it be sustainable over the course of lifetime or more? Yes. I don’t think any better of benevolent dictatorships, though I would not describe modern Russia or China as benevolent.

    I’m a voluntaryist. The government I favor is none, but I would not object if people who wanted either a democracy, a voluntary benevolent dictatorship, or anything else got together and had it.

    I still vote, have done petitioning for ballot access, have been involved in campaigns, and so forth. I have little hope that there won’t be a government, so I support candidates who want less of it.

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