Election Law Professor Derek Muller Writes About Alabama U.S. Senate Election — 5 Comments


    NO more now super-dangerous special elections with extremist candidates and low low extremist voter turnouts.

    Abolish the gerrymander minority rule USA Senate
    — one of the most ANTI-Democracy legislative bodies in Western Civilization.

    PR and AppV

  2. I read the linked articles. I have never heard of the ‘English Rule’ (and google searches come up blank) the author mentions a couple of times.

    In the UK – once nominations close (which is also the deadline to withdraw) – a candidate remains on the ballot even if they want to withdraw or their political party dis-endorses them (which does happen) during the election campaign. What tends to happen in those instances is they simply stop campaigning!

    If they win the election then they are declared elected and if they don’t want to serve they have to resign and a new poll is held – the second place candidate does not get elected in their place.

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