Partisan Control of Virginia House Determined by a Race in Which Ten Votes Separated the Winner from his Nearest Competitor

Virginia held a legislative election on November 7, 2017. It appears the new House of Delegates includes 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats. In the 94th district, the tally was: Republican David Yancey 11,601; Democrat Shelly Simonds 11,591; Libertarian Michael Bartley 675.

If Democrats had prevailed in the 94th district, the House of Delegates would have been organized on a bi-partisan sharing agreement. Unlike the State Senate, where the Lieutenant Governor (a Democrat) could break any tie, there is no easy mechanism for the House to avoid a tie. In similar cases in other states, the lower chamber ends up with an agreement for the two major parties to share power equally, sometimes with co-speakers. Thanks to Thomas Jones for this news.


Partisan Control of Virginia House Determined by a Race in Which Ten Votes Separated the Winner from his Nearest Competitor — 7 Comments

  1. ALL of the Usual Suspects are showing up with their control freak agendas.

    How likely that SCOTUS gets the Mess *shortly* ???

    VA Bd Elections —

    General Election 2017
    General Assembly (only H. of Del. in 2017)
    All gerrymander district results on one page
    – can copy and put in spreadsheet.
    About 25 of 100 gerrymander districts had NO D or R.

    About 400 years of minority rule gerrymanders in VA
    — since 1618 [black slaves into VA in 1619]
    — gerrymander [plantation] districts along the James River
    — likely all blown to bits during Civil War I.

    PR and AppV – esp in OLD rotted to the core gerrymander regimes.

  2. The Democratic candidate has filed for recounts in two districts, the one with a 10-vote margin and another with a 106-vote margin. This article indicates that the candidates are automatically qualified for a recount based on closeness of the race, but do have to formally file. The recounts are estimated to take about two weeks.

    There is a third district where it was discovered voters had been assigned to the wrong district (perhaps since 2011 i.e. elections in 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2017). That election was belatedly certified by the State Board of Elections, after they decided they could not adjudicate the results. The deadline for filing for a recount is triggered by certification, so the Democrats still have a chance to file for a recount. That race will likely end up in both federal and/or state court as well.

    In Virginia, each House is the judge of the election of its members. Since the House of Delegates is elected whole, there will technically be no Delegates when the new term begins. Some other official will preside, and Democrats/Republicans could object to the sitting of the member from the contested district.

  3. One reason that there are 435 Representatives in Congress is that is an odd number so that the chance of a partisan tie is smaller. There was an odd number of Presidential electors until DC was given 3 votes. There was actually a chance that the electoral college might have been deadlocked, especially if WI, MI, and PA had gone Democratic, and one the Maine districts had flipped.

  4. All 3 of the USA regime systems are minority rule gerrymander systems

    — based on the 1776-1787 State / Art.Confed. minority rule gerrymander systems.

    PR and AppV

  5. WZ —

    NO surprise if the Elephants in control of marginal Prez EC States totally PANIC as Nov 2020 gets close and use gerrymander USA Rep districts (or even other/new gerrymander subareas) to gerrymander rig the Electoral College even more.

    Rigged districts in NE-4 and ME-2 in 2016 only.

    1/2 or less votes x gerrymander areas with 270 ECV of 538 = 1/4 or less = CONTROL to elect a Prez/VP.
    PR and AppV

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