Democratic Party Committee Expected to Issue Ideas for Changes in Future Democratic Party Presidential Nomination Process

In 2016, the national Democratic Party set up a “Unity Reform Commission”, which is tasked with making suggested changes to future presidential nomination rules for the party. The Unity Reform Commission is instructed to issue its ideas before January 1, 2018. The ideas will then go to the Rules & Bylaws Committee of the national party. Possible changes include (1) recommending that independents be allowed to vote in all Democratic presidential primaries and caucuses; (2) ending or limiting the number of “super-delegates” (delegates who are not elected, but serve by virtue of their position); (3) encouraging more of the caucus states to switch to presidential primaries instead. Thanks to Thomas Jones for this news.


Democratic Party Committee Expected to Issue Ideas for Changes in Future Democratic Party Presidential Nomination Process — 11 Comments

  1. The maximum unity in any election only gets generated and guaranteed by pure proportional representation (PR).

    The United Coalition has been using pure proportional representation for more than twenty-two consecutive years and it works fine.

    On Earth Day, April 22nd 2018, the United Coalition will demonstrate the correct way to vote and count votes under pure proportional and everyone is invited.

    Nobody has it as good as the United Coalition.

  2. Some history —

    The Donkey national conventions had internal wars in 1968-1988 about their national convention delegate schemes.

    The WAR continues after the 2016 Clinton machinations with the DNC and the Donkey Prez caucuses and primaries.

  3. @ James Ogle: if I am not mistaken, aren’t all primary chosen delegates to the Democratic national convention already chosen by proportional representation?

  4. Walt, only ranked choice voting (RCV) in multi-winner districts, while protecting of free speech liberties by allowing a word(s) of communication by the candidates’ names on the ballot, can we attain proper pure proportional representation by using paper ballots on

    Proportional representation is mathematically perfect, there is only one way to attain it and we love showing everyone how with the United Coalition, where good Republicans and Democratics always work side by side for the good of the whole.

  5. @ Jim Riley A national primary for President would not be a good idea, IMO. Only the richest and most well known candidates would have a chance. One good hing about the present Presidential primary system is that primaries on different dates in different states allow a variety of candidates to have a chance.

  6. Uniform definition of Elector-Voter in ALL of the USA.

    PR – ALL legislative bodies

    NONPARTISAN AppV – ALL executive /judicial offices

    Difficult only for gangster oligarchs — esp. on commissions.

    Hmmm – was the top mafia regime of killers called the *commission* ??? Duh.

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