Massachusetts Special Election Results, State Senate

On December 5, Massachusetts held a special election for State Senate in the vacant Worcester & Middlesex seat. The election returns are incomplete, but it appears Republican nominee Dean Tran won. Also in the race were a Democrat (Susan Chalifoux-Zephir), an independent (Claire Freda), and a Green (Charlene DiCalogero). No one got a majority. See this story.

Last time this seat was up, in November 2016, the only candidate listed on the ballot was the Democratic incumbent, Jennifer Flanagan.


Massachusetts Special Election Results, State Senate — 2 Comments


    — but gerrymanders going back to the formation of the English House of Commons in 1200s.

    PR and AppV

    Again – candidate/member replacement lists.
    Legislative bodies must be 24/7 — as with executive branches.
    Judicial branches delayed only a small bit.

  2. The Green took 13% in her home town. And the Indy essentially split the vote enough for the Republican candidate to win since it seems that she split off votes from the Democratic candidate since they were from the same city and she got about 20% of the vote in that city.

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