North Carolina Board of Elections Sets Forth Cumbersome Paperwork for Parties to Prove They Were on in At Least 35 States

The new North Carolina ballot access law for parties, SB 656, takes effect on January 1, 2018. It says that any party that “had a candidate nominated by that group on the general election ballot of at least 70% of the states in the prior Presidential election” is a qualified party in North Carolina, once it proves that it was on in that many states.

The State Board of Elections has now created a form for use by a group to prove that its presidential nominee was on the ballot in at least 35 states in the preceding election. The form must be completed by state election officials in each of the 35 or more states. The Green Party, which will be the first party to take advantage of the new law, placed Jill Stein on the ballot in 44 states in 2016. But now the burden is on the Green Party of North Carolina to get this form filled out by state election officials in other states. Here is the form.

Many state election officials will probably be surprised to get a letter from the Green Party, asking that the form must be filled out and returned to the Green Party, which then will forward it to the North Carolina State Board of Elections. The form must be notarized. All this work seems unnecessary, because the Federal Election Commission, and also the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, both publish books that would prove that Jill Stein was on the ballot in at least 44 states.


North Carolina Board of Elections Sets Forth Cumbersome Paperwork for Parties to Prove They Were on in At Least 35 States — 8 Comments

  1. Did Jill Stein’s ballot label actually say “Green Party” in 35 states? Does that matter?

  2. Do the publications by the FEC and Clerk of the US House of Representatives constitute documentation?

  3. Special type of HACK MORONS in NC or what ???

    How many MORON regimes have ballot access laws based on what some OUTSIDE regimes have done ???

    What’s next ??? — stuff based on what FOREIGN tyrant regimes do about ballot access – Russia, China, Iran, etc. ???


  4. Do the courts take *judicial notice* of lots of stuff that is NOT notarized by some govt HACK ???

    Is the text of the USA Const, laws and treaties notarized in every case ???

  5. The North Carolina law itself does not seem to exclude states, whether the label was that party, or “independent.” The text of the law itself says if a candidate nominated by that party was on the ballot, then that state counts. The text of the law is quoted in the first paragraph of the blog. Jill Stein was nominated by the Green Party national convention held in Houston, Texas, August 4-6, 2016. The Green Party is recognized by the FEC as a national committee. It is objectively true that she was the nominee of the Green Party, and therefore her label in any particular state shouldn’t matter. But the form designed by the N.C. State Board of Elections asks state officials to certify that she was the party’s nominee, and the persons who fill out this form will probably interpret that to mean that she was the state party’s nominee (without reference to the national nomination). So that is another problem with the form.

    Nevertheless, Stein had the Green Party label on the ballot in more than 35 states, so it shouldn’t matter in this instance.

  6. NC SBoE will need to hire a couple more bureaucrats to process the paperwork and call those states to verify that the notary was authorized to notarize political information……..

    Of course, their report becomes public record, so the party should not have to repeat the whole process the following election cycle (unless the legislature runs our of important things to do!)

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