Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Their Anti-Trust Debates Lawsuit

On December 27, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear Johnson v Commission on Presidential Debates, the case over whether federal anti-trust law has any bearing on the Commission on Presidential Debates’ restrictive policy on who gets into the debates. Here is a copy of the cert petition.


Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Their Anti-Trust Debates Lawsuit — 3 Comments

  1. IF SCOTUS magically takes the case, then fully expect the Congress HACKS to immediately add a one sentence exception to the anti-trust laws regarding guess what ???

    Clue– CPD D—–s

  2. I keep feeling like I’m beating a dead horse every time this subject comes up but a court case to get the Libertarians and Greens into the televised presidential debates is NOT going to work. The system is RIGGED and anyone that thinks that justice will prevail when dealing with the kind of people that we have running the government is wishing for the tooth fairy. What will work is going to the people themselves. Instead of wasting money on attorneys, get radio and television advertisements. Get people talking about how unfair it is that all opinions are not heard during the debates. Get people writing and calling their representatives to have the LP and the Greens represented. Remember the old saying “politicians don’t see the light, but they do feel the heat.”

  3. Rocketman, you sorta are beating a dead horse. Any time you criticize what other people should be doing with their resources, you have exceeded your natural authority and are likely to only motivate feelings of insult rather than motivate action. It is going to be a dead-horse effort by the approach.

    It sounds like you have a good idea. You should organize it. Certainly your idea is not mutually exclusive to these other efforts and they seem like they would be complimentary. This approach gives you complete control, the ability to prove your idea and zero chances of dead horses.

    Good luck my friend. I hope you succeed.

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