Another U.S. Court Hearing on North Carolina Legislative Districts

On January 5, a 3-judge U.S. District Court held another hearing in the case over North Carolina legislative districts. See this story. A decision is expected soon because filing for the 2018 primary opens next month.

The case is Covington v North Carolina, m.d., 1:15cv-399. The upcoming decision will decide whether to use the redrawn boundaries passed by the legislature last year, or the redrawn boundaries prepared by Law Professor Nate Persily. The state says if the court rules in favor of the Persily districts, it will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Another U.S. Court Hearing on North Carolina Legislative Districts — 9 Comments

  1. Automatic minority rule with gerrymander single member districts —

    whoever or whatever is rigging the district lines.

    1/2 or less votes x 1/2 rigged districts = 1/4 or less CONTROL = oligarchy — with the district oligarchs.

    IE a regime of, by and for the OLIGARCHS — esp in economic stuff — IE NET tax getters vs NET tax payers — since 1776 State regimes / 1788 USA regime — much, much, much worse since 1929-1932.

    Forget the brainwashing comments by Prez Lincoln in Nov 1863 at Gettysburg, PA.

    PR and AppV

  2. The court has made no ruling on the districts drawn by the legislature in 2017. This prevents the decision being appealed, or alternatively for the legislature to remedy the alleged faults.

    It is has not been explained why Nate Persily was hired by the court, or what relations he has had with the plaintiffs. The court forbid Persily being deposed on the issue. The court is supposed to be a referee, and not push one team over the goal line, or tackle players on the other side. The court is acting in rogue fashion.

    The court was slapped down hard by the SCOTUS in their attempt to truncate legislative terms and they now appear to be sulking.

  3. “Rather than undertaking such an analysis in this case, the District Court addressed the balance of equities in only the most cursory fashion.”

    Nothing that a judge likes worse than being called cursory.

  4. Hoe about *robot party hack moronic* so-called judges ???

    — like those in SCOTUS in election law cases.

  5. No, judges much prefer to be called robot party hack morons, than to be called cursory.

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