Germany Appears to Finally Have a New Coalition Government

On January 12, the two largest parties in Germany reached a tentative agreement to maintain their coalition government, weeks after the last election. See this story.


Germany Appears to Finally Have a New Coalition Government — 6 Comments

  1. With no political party smaller than about 10% in size, we see that Germany’s 5% minimum threshold keeps out emerging political parties and keeps the status quo intact.

  2. @James: And yet, the third- and fourth-largest parties in the Bundestag, with a total of 174 out of the 709 seats, are parties which had not won any seats at all in the previous election.

  3. The FATAL part is the parliamentary system — same hacks having legis and exec powers.

    ZERO learned from having Hitler in 1933-1945 —

    — took a bit for the coalition regime to get formed in Jan 1933 with the senile Prez Hindenburg APPOINTMENT of Hitler to be prime minister.

    PR and AppV
    TOTAL separation of powers

  4. Having another grand coalition over there is only going to strengthen & make the AfD look very viable in future German elections.

  5. A SPD party convention has to approve entering coalition talks. There is an active effort to vote it down.


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