OneVote Announces Partial Results in Student Mock Election that has Always Predicted the Winner

On October 25, OneVote announced partial results for its Mock Vote. The Mock Vote is conducted in many schools around the U.S. This year, almost 300,000 votes were cast. The results: Hillary Clinton 47%; Donald Trump 41%; “other” 12%. Perhaps there is a breakdown of “other”, but I have not found it. It appears that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, at least, were on all the Mock Vote ballots.

OneVote has been doing this starting in 1992. The winner of the student vote has always matched the identity of the actual winner.

Darrell Castle, Rocky De La Fuente, and Gloria La Riva Debate Each Other in Person, Evening of October 25

Free and Equal is hosting a presidential debate in Boulder, Colorado, at 7 p.m. mountain time, Tuesday, October 25. Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party, Rocky De La Fuente of the Reform Party, and Gloria La Riva of the Party for Socialism and Liberation will debate each other face-to-face. Ed Asner is the moderator. They were invited because they are each on the ballot before at least 15% of the electorate. The other presidential candidates who met this standard declined to appear, because the rule was that they had to appear in person or not at all. They are Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Evan McMullin. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are barred from participating in a debate like this, because the Commission on Presidential Debates requires that candidates who participate in CPD debates not appear in any other debates.

The location is the Macky Auditorium.

Benton County, Oregon Voters Will Decide Next Month Whether to Use Instant Runoff Voting for County Office

The voters of Benton County, Oregon, will vote next month on whether to amend the county charter and provide for instant runoff elections for county office. Benton County has partisan elections for Sheriff and County Commissioner. The proposal would have no effect on partisan primaries for those offices, but would only apply to the general election. Here is a youtube ad in favor of the measure, which got on the ballot through the initiative process. Thanks to Blair Bobier for the link.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He Won’t Vote for Donald Trump for President

According to this story, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has said publicly he won’t vote for Donald Trump for President, even though Schwarzenegger has always before voted for the Republican nominee for President. Schwarzenegger doesn’t say who he will vote for.

This is ironic, because Schwarzenegger was one of the biggest backers of the California top-two system. The California top-two system has no effect on presidential elections in California or any other state. But if the California top-two system did control California presidential elections, then voters would be forced to vote for either Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump, or else to skip voting entirely. Thanks to Carla Marinucci for the link.