Nader Asks for US Supreme Court Help in Pennsylvania

Today Ralph Nader asked the US Supreme Court to put him on the Pennsylvania ballot. This is only the second time Nader has asked for help from the US Supreme Court this year. He previously requested that court to list him in Oregon, but his attempt was denied by a vote of 8-1.

Pennsylvania law, by its very terms and definitions, does not require signers to be registered voters. Instead they must be eligible to be registered to vote. That is the basis of Nader’s appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Op-Ed in San Jose Mercury News on Prop. 62

Ballot Access News editor Richard Winger wrote an op-ed opposing California’s Proposition 62 in today’s San Jose Mercury News. The newspaper previously endorsed a vote in favor of the measure.

Proposition 62 would enact a Louisiana-style election system where only the top two candidates in the primary would appear on the November ballot, regardless of party. This would result in third parties rarely appearing on the November ballot in California.

Nader Drops Bid for Spot on Idaho Ballot

Ralph Nader dropped his legal bid to get his name printed on Idaho’s general election ballot.

The decision to drop the latest lawsuit came just a day before a court hearing on the Nader claim that petition signatures were wrongly disqualified.

Nader did file papers to be a write-in on November second. As a write-in four years ago, he got two and a half percent of Idaho’s presidential vote.